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GIA in Bangkok is located in the Mitrtown Office Tower in the Pathumwan district and centrally located to many top attractions and city conveniences. The tower is a LEED Gold certified building with its own MRT transit station accessible by an underground walkway link. The complex features a 24-hour zone featuring many of Thailand’s top stores, restaurants, supermarket, bank, café and more.
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Bangkok is one of the great cities of Southeast Asia…and one of the world’s gemstone capitals. Most rubies and many other precious gemstones are likely to pass through it, so it’s an ideal place to make a career in the industry. You’ll find endless opportunities in gemology, design, and just about every other aspect of the business. A GIA diploma prepares you to make the most of them.

Diploma & Certificate Programs Offered at the Bangkok Campus

Graduate Gemologist
Graduate Gemologist®

Earn the industry’s most prestigious credential.


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graduate diamonds
Graduate Diamonds

Learn to speak the language of diamonds and embark on an exciting career path.

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Graduate Colored Stones
Graduate Colored Stones

Immerse yourself in a world of color and be prepared to seize a spectrum of opportunities.

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jewelry design
Jewelry Design

Learn the craft of translating your ideas into stunning gem and jewelry illustrations.

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 Supphatuch Ukritnukun slide 1
The GIA Graduate Gemologist program provides unparalleled theoretical knowledge and practical experience that are vital to succeeding in this global industry. 

Dr. Supphatuch Ukritnukun, 
GIA Graduate Gemologist
Diamond & Jewelry Consultant,
Thong Lo Goldsmith & Gems

Teong Yan Ni slide 2
Dare to chase your dream. Your first step in this journey is to take jewelry and gemology courses at GlA. That is where I began, and I never regretted it.

Ivy Teong
GIA Jewelry Design and Pearls Graduate
Founder & Chief Designer,
Juwelen Design Malaysia

Fares Alahmar slide 3
GIA credentials gave me the confidence and the know-how to act on my dreams. I’d argue that they are a necessity for anyone pursuing a profession in the jewelry industry.

Fares Alahmar, 
GIA Graduate Gemologist, Applied Jewelry Professional and Jewelry Design Graduate
Founder and Managing Director,
Alahmar Co., Ltd

Jonathan Avram slide 4
A GIA education is essential to enhancing your reputation, integrity, knowledge and success within the gems and jewelry industry

Jonathan Avram, 
GIA Graduate Diamonds
Business Development Director,
Dehres (Thai) Co., Ltd.

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