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This website gives you the opportunity to explore the fascinating world of gems and jewelry. Whether you are planning to purchase a gemstone; an aspiring or established gem and jewelry professional; a scientist, hobbyist, retailer, trader or like so many others are simply intrigued by the world of gemology, you will find detailed, reliable information here.

GIA (Gemological Institute of America) is a public benefit, nonprofit organization that conducts research and offers education and laboratory services to help protect the public by providing unbiased information about gems and jewelry.

Information on GIA.edu
This website is a public resource, available to all who are interested in learning more about gems, gemology and GIA. It includes articles, information and images that describe the nature and characteristics of gemstones, as well as related topics such as where gems are found and their history; market trends; and jewelry manufacturing design, and care.

Publically accessible information on the GIA website is provided as a record of documents and articles relating to GIA’s activities, including gemological research, professional education, laboratory services and others. These materials were created at different times and locations for a variety of purposes; some materials and information have been superseded.

Article and information on this site may appear in multiple languages. For any article or other information published in translation, the meaning in the original language version is the authoritative text.

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Visitors to the website may use the information for personal purposes and/or provide a link to this website on another website as described in GIA’s terms of use. The material on this website is copyrighted by GIA; some may be copyrighted by others and is used by permission.

GIA Endorsement Policy
GIA does not buy or sell gems or jewelry commercially and does not endorse any type of gem or jewelry, any manufacturer or brand of jewelry, or any business or individual involved in the gem and jewelry industry. Individuals who are graduates of GIA educational programs and businesses that offer gemstones with GIA grading or identification reports or those that participate in the GIA retailer listing service may make factual statements about their credentials, reports or participation. 

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